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Our responsible gambling section provides every player with the help and supports they need to stay in control. 

Here you’ll find global connections and resources for problem gambling alongside information on health and fiscal counter problems associated with gambling.

We aim to empower you to be safer and further informed online, so you can lead a healthy, happy life. 

The truth about Online Gambling:

Playing at online casinos is a popular hobby for millions of people, but occasionally the odds can feel piled against you. Here at, we aim to cut through the fables and show you how they operate so that you can be a more informed player. When enjoyed responsibly, online casinos can be largely amusing, and we want to keep it that way. 

With the online casino assiduity set to be worth$ 92 billion globally in 2023, it’s clear they’re here to stay. Although every player has lucky and not-so-lucky stripes, there are ways you can keep your hobby in check. Become a smarter player with our helpful companion covering 

Are Welcome Bonuses worth it?

Welcome bonuses are one of the first effects players look for when considering a new online casino. However, the chances are you’ll have seen a welcome perk If you’ve landed on a casino’s homepage.

They’re an exclusive offer to new players that generally involves the player entering a perk quantum for depositing money at the casino. What could be better than free money, right? 

It seems a no-brainer, but when you take a near look, the player must meet a strict set of criteria before they can pierce the finances.  Meeting these largely demanding rollover conditions can take a lot of time for a veritably minimum price. To help explain how the perk works in real-time, we’ve broken it down for you below; 

Make the deposit- You want the maximum perk of $100, so you deposit $100 to be eligible. This is because they match your perk by 100% up to $100. still, this doesn’t mean you have $200 to play with yet. 

Check the wagering requirements- First, you must meet the wagering conditions. This perk requires you to wage 40x your deposit to access your bonus. So, you need to wager a further $4000 on slots before you can claim the $100 bonus.

Remember the Timeframe- The perk states that the wagering conditions must be met within 2 weeks. This means you must play through$ 4000 within a fortnight. 

What’s the RTP- The casino advertises a 97% RTP – this means in the proposition, for every $10 you spend, the casino will keep $0.3 and you would win back $9.70, but this is infrequently the case in the short term. 

Get Playing- As you stake the$ 100 in your account, the triumphs and losses accumulate. However, also by the time you’ve gambled around $3340, you’ll have hit $0 in your account if the RTP was precise for every single stake.

Not such a Bonus- This means you won’t earn the $100 perk as you haven’t met the wagering conditions of $4000. Your account is at $0, so you haven’t won any money after wagering each $3340.  Rather, you have just lost the $100 deposit and are back to square one. You can moreover call it quits or start playing again without the appeal of the perk. 

Are Online Casino Myths True?

In the world of online casinos, myths spread presto. Whether there’s any verity to them doesn’t feel to count. Large totalities of money can be won – or lost – in a moment, so there are bound to be lots of questions. We’ve taken the most common online casino myths and anatomized them, so you know what’s real and what’s fake. 

Are Online Casinos Rigged?

This is one of the most circulated myths in the assiduity, and when assessing it there are two main effects to consider. Originally, this is most likely searched when people are on a losing band. Secondly, online casinos are a business, and like any other business, they aim to make a profit.

The house edge is their way of making a profit, but this isn’t illegal and doesn’t mean they’re outfitted. House edges are openly bared, and the experiences of players at the same casino will differ, especially in the short term.

Some players could witness a prolonged losing band, but overall, the house edge will align. 

That’s not to say that there has no way been a case of fraudulent online casinos. There’s been plenitude, especially in the poker arena.

Luckily, this kind of fraud has been substantially cancelled thanks to better regulation and smarter tech. Random Number creators( RNGs) are used in numerous games to insure the outgrowth of each move is randomized in agreement with the house edge.

This is sophisticated technology and any casino turning the odds will be set up out quickly. Our advice to players is to only play at online casinos that have reputable controllers backing them.

You can generally find this information out relatively easily, but if you are in doubt get in touch with the operator. Better safe than sorry! 

Are online casinos regulated?

Yes, online casinos are subject to strict rules to allow them to operate. There are lots of associations in place that insure norms are met and rules are stuck to.

There are all sorts of casinos claiming to have been vetted, but let’s just say some controllers are more strict than others. There is a plenitude of excellent controllers including the UK Gambling Commission and the Nevada Gaming Commission. 

Remember to check the casino’s delegation before you subscribe, so you don’t get caught out.

Can online casinos ban you or winning?

In short, no. Online casinos cannot ban you rigorously for winning, but they can ban you if they suspect you of anything untoward. Y

You might see an expression in their terms and conditions stating that they have the right to withhold payment if they suspect a player of any fraudulence, conspiracy or indecorous activity.

Clauses like this can give a casino the right not to pay out, or to ban you from their site. 

So as long as you’re playing by the rules, you shouldn’t be banned. Just be apprehensive that casinos do have the right, which you agree to when you subscribe up, to withhold winnings and to ban players, whether you agree with their logic or not. 

Again, the best way to play safely is to check the terms and conditions before signing up.

Can you be an expert at online slots?

Sorely, there’s no way to come out as an expert in slots as it’s a game of chance. The rolls are run using an RNG so each time you hit spin, nothing you do can impact what will appear.

It helps to stay focused and alert, however, especially in slot events. Many people could be considered slot experts in terms of having played a variety of titles, but skill isn’t in terms of having played a variety of titles, but skill isn’t the crucial factor.  Still, we know this doesn’t take away from the fun! 

Is online gambling illegal?

The answer to this question is entirely dependent on where in the world you are. In the US, online gambling is enacted on a state-by-state base and this is subject to change so make sure you check you’re your state’s rules before playing.

Many countries allow it but have restrictions in place which can complicate effects. The need for online gambling legislation arose in the early 2000s and has ago been constantly evolving. In some cases, countries that have legalized online gambling have only done so for certified casinos. Make sure to check the rules where you’re to be safe. 

Can you count cards at online casinos?

No. Although card counting is a popular tactic for many players in real-time games of blackjack, it doesn’t work the same way online.

That’s because thanks to RNGs, the decks get shuffled after every hand. This system stops any would-be card counters in their tracks. 

Card counting is a strategy where players keep track of the high and low-value cards to work out when to go further and lower.

This can help minimize the factor of chance, but with frequent shuffling in online versions, it’s useless. 

Players will have to brush up on their other blackjack chops to be in with a chance of winning. 

What are Game Contributors?

Game Benefactions are the chance a game counts towards the wagering conditions. When accepting a perk offer, one of the crucial effects to check is the game benefactions.

These are proved in the perk terms and conditions. You can generally find these in the footer located at the bottom of the page. 

This clause can change your entire bonus experience – for the worse! Certain casino games have more advanced palm rates than others.